PCC Compact Coolers - Next Generation CryoTiger

The Brooks Polycold® PCC Compact Cooler is a compact, high-performance cooling system that brings new levels of efficiency and reliability to demanding applications such as high-resolution digital imaging, analytical chemistry, life sciences, materials analysis, semiconductor inspection, scientific research and water vapor cryotrapping. With its compact design and remote cold end, the PCC delivers a robust heat removal system capable of maintaining temperatures as low as -203° C (70 Kelvin) — all in a small footprint. 

Incorporating next-generation Cryotiger® technology, the PCC delivers proven, dependable cooling and is designed to ensure repeatable performance and minimize maintenance costs.

Key Features

  • Rugged, low vibration cold end that can be used in any orientation
  • Compact size for small footprint
  • Cooling to -203°C
  • Rapid cool down
  • Remote cold end and minimal connections for optimal flexibility
  • Closed cycle compressor that uses patented gas blends and innovative oil management for quiet, reliable performance in a small footprint
  • Eliminates of the cost, inconvenience and risks associated with liquid nitrogen