PFC Water Vapor Cryochiller

The Brooks Polycold® PFC Water Vapor Cryochiller effectively captures water vapor, which typically comprises 65% to 95% of the gas load in high vacuum systems. It pumps vapor within minutes of “start,” defrosts in less than four minutes, and lowers water vapor partial pressure during processing for higher quality, better adhesion, and more reproducible deposition.

When added to your vacuum system, the PFC Cryochiller can reduce pumpdown times by 25% to 75% and can increase product throughout by 20% to 100%. In addition, the PFC Cryochiller offers a superior cost/performance ratio compared to liquid nitrogen cooled Meissners — typically delivering return on investment in as little as one year.

Key Features

  • -90° to -155° C (183 to 118 K)
  • Simple, tube-type cold element
  • Cryocondensation of water vapor in vacuum systems at speeds up to 200,000 L/sec, vacuum levels to 2 x 10-12 torr depending on model and application
  • Heat removal to 3600 watts
  • Globally compliant, non-toxic and non-flammable green refrigerant charge
  • Patented cryogenic refrigeration process and refrigerant mixtures
  • Availability in a variety of cryocoil configurations