Aluminum Gaskets

We sell a full range of OFHC Copper, annealed copper, aluminum and gold and silver plated, and elastomeric fluorocarbon gaskets for CF flanges. Metal gaskets are impermeable to gases and withstand moderately high temperatures indefinitely. The CF flange is the most widely used for high vacuum and UHV applications. Many gauges, instruments, accessories and feedthroughs are available on this flange system.

CF Gasket Materials:

  • Copper - The normal gaskets for stainless steel CF flanges are punched from 1/4 hard, high purity, oxygen-free (OFHC) copper stock. The gaskets are then chemically cleaned and processed to minimize scratches and burrs.
  • Silver & Gold plated Copper - For systems requiring frequent high-temperature bakeouts, silver or gold plated copper gaskets are recommended.
  • Aluminum (1100-H14) - Aluminum CF flanges must use aluminum gaskets - never copper. However, aluminum gaskets can be used on stainless steel CF flanges if baking is restricted to 200° C.
  • Fluorocarbon - Fluorocarbon gaskets, with a flat cross-section, are convenient and reusable in non-critical, non-UHV applications, particularly in applications requiring frequent reassembly.
  • Nickel - Nickel gaskets are typically used in applications with a corrosive environment.
Flange size OD ID
DN16CF 21,26 16,26
DN35CF 48,13 36,86
DN50CF 61,60 51,05
DN63CF 82,37 63,65
DN100CF 120,47 101,75
DN160CF 171,27 152,58
DN200CF 222,07 203,38