45° ISO-K Radius Elbows

We fabricate these ISO elbows for HV systems from 304L stainless steel tubing and ISO flanges. The ISO flange (also called Large ISO) is used for HV chamber ports and is available in two distinct styles; ISO-K which uses clamp fasteners and ISO-F which uses nut and bolt fasteners.

ISO Elbows Feature:

  • 304L stainless steel construction
  • Radius or miter design
  • Common lengths and tube diameters listed
Flange Size Dim A Nominal Tube O.D. Weight
ISO63 82.6 63.5 0.9
ISO80 99.8 76.2 1.81
ISO100 127.5 101.6 2.72
ISO160 246.6 152.4 4.53


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