ISO-K Blank Flanges (Aluminium)

The ISO flange (also called Large ISO) is used for HV chamber ports and is available in two distinct styles; ISO-K which uses clamp fasteners and ISO-F which uses nut and bolt fasteners. A variety of bolt/clamp options permit joints between mixed ISO-K and -F flanges.

The design principles of ISO and KF seals are identical. Each flange face is counter-bored or grooved to receive a metal centering ring with an elastomeric o-ring around its O.D. As with KF, the ISO centering ring both aligns the flanges and holds the o-ring in place.

ISO flanges are limited (by the o-ring's properties) to applications with temperatures between ~0° C and 120–180° C, and pressure from atmosphere to ~10-8 torr or mbar.

Flange Size Nominal Tube O.D. Weight
ISO63 63.5 0.22
ISO80 76.2 0.22
ISO100 101.6 0.45
ISO160 152.4 1.13
ISO200 203.2 1.81
ISO250 254 2.72
ISO320 323.9 6.8
ISO400 406.4 10.43
ISO500 508 15.42
ISO630 660.4 18.14