Weld KF (QF) Stainless Steel Stubs

The KF (QF) flange is used for through or foreline vacuum plumbing and for simple HV chamber ports.

KF flanges are a sexless design—made from 304L stainless, aluminum, or brass. Stainless steel flanges work in adverse temperatures and corrosive conditions, while aluminum or brass fittings work in more general applications. The seal is a rubber/ elastomeric o-ring mounted in a centering ring, which aligns the flanges and holds the o-ring in position. Each flange has a chamfered back-surface and is mated by a circumferential clamp tightened by wing-nut, thumbscrew, bolt, or over-center lever.

KF flanges are limited (by the o-ring's properties) to applications with temperatures between ~0° C and 120–180° C, and pressure from atmosphere to ~10-8 torr or mbar.

Flange Size Dim A Dim B Dim C Nominal Tube O.D. Weight
KF10 14 10 30 14 0.11
KF16 20 16 30 20 0.11
KF25 28 24 30 28 0.11
KF40 44.5 40.5 30 44.5 0.11
KF50 57 50.6 30 57 0.11


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