KF (QF) Centering Rings with Screen

These centering rings with mesh screen are used for mating KF flanges, particularly at the inlet of a pump to filter debris, and include both the centering ring and o-ring. The KF (QF) flange is used for through- or foreline vacuum plumbing and for simple HV chamber ports.

KF Centering Rings with Screen Feature

  • Stainless steel ring with fluorocarbon o-ring and #72 mesh screen
  • Used at mechanical pump inlet to prevent passage of loose debris through orifice
Flange Size Dim A Dim B Weight
KF16 12.7 17 0.11
KF25 21.8 26 0.11
KF40 36.8 40.9 0.11
KF50 47.8 51.9 0.11


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