Atlas Kronis

Effective exhaust management of CVD processes must be able to handle the deposition gases and the associated powders. The fluoride wastes from cleaning gases also require suitable treatment along with global warming gases. Abatement systems must be able to comply with these requirements in one complete unit.

Features and Benefits

  • High performance abatement
    • Destroys all low k CVD precursors and clean species simultaneously
    • Complete reaction eliminates clogging issues
    • Environmental and health and safety compliance assured
  • Extensive OEM qualification program
  • Low cost of ownership
    • Controlled, cost-effective combustion
    • Option to run on compressed dry air
    • Water recirculation reduces water usage
  • Maximised tool uptime
    • Excellent handling of high powder volumes
    • Field-proven, corrosion-resistant design for chamber cleaning gases
  • Enhanced wafer security
    • PLC Controlled, tool interfacing and full system monitoring
  • Third-party certification
    • SEMI S2, F15 certified, ETL listed


The Atlas Kronis is suitable for all low k CVD processes using precursors such as:
  • Trimethylsilane (3MS)
  • Tetramethylsilane (4MS)
  • Dimethyldimethoxyorthosilane (DMDMOS)
  • Tetramethylcyclotetrasiloxane (TMCTS)
  • Octomethylcyclotetrasiloxane (OMCTS)
Technical data  
Process connections  
Process gas inlets NW40 stainless steel
Bypass outlet NW40 stainless steel
Abatement system exhaust outlet 75 mm diameter polypropylene
Cabinet extraction outlet 150 mm diameter x 150 mm deep, painted mild steel
Services connections  
Nitrogen inlet 1/2 inch Swagelok, stainless steel
Oxygen inlet 1/4 inch Swagelok, stainless steel
Compressed dry air inlet 1/4 inch Swagelok, stainless steel
Fuel gas inlet 3/4 inch Swagelok, stainless steel
Cooling-water supply inlet 25 mm GF union, polypropylene
Cooling-water return outlet 25 mm GF union, polypropylene
Make-up water inlet 25 mm GF union, polypropylene
Acid water drain outlet 25 mm GF union, polypropylene
Electrical connections  
Electrical supply cable leadthrough 32 mm cable-gland, suitable for 5-core double insulated cable
Customer interface cable leadthroughs 16 mm cable-glands
Customer interface connections Screw terminals
Power Requirements  
Supply 3-phase 400,220,208,200V, 50/60Hz
1-phase 100V, 50/60Hz
Nominal power requirements 1.3kW
Mechanical Data  
Mass 530kg
  101.5kg (WRU E Model)
  103.5kg (WRU S J Models)