nAIM series Digital Active Inverted Magnetron vacuum gauges combine the gauge-head and controller in one compact active unit. These are new digital versions of gauges that have proved to be rugged and reliable in a wide range of applications ranging from scientific instruments to industrial processes.

Features and benefits

  • Wide-range supply voltage allows operation from 15 to 48 V DC
  • Gauge naming allows user to store gauge identification data
  • Rapid tube replacement without pre-calibration
  • Unique striker design ensures rapid striking even at high vacuum or in contaminating conditions
  • Low external magnetic field version (L) for sensitive analytical instruments available upon request
  • Serial communications based on a simple ASCII, low latency, query and command protocol that can operated in a point to point or multi-drop system with minimum overhead
  • Adjustable open collector set-point output for straightforward process control and interlocking
  • CSA and C/US approved, meets the safety requierements for electrical equipment for measurement
  • RS485 or RS232 versions
  • 9600 to 38400 baud, 8bits, 1 start bit, 1 stop bit, no parity
Technical data  
Mass NW25 version 0,81 kg
Internal volume 26 cm3
Enclosure rating IP40
Measurement range 10-2 to 10-9 mbar
Accurancy typically ±30%
Maximum over-pressure 10 bar absolute

Temperature range




5 to 60°C

0 to 70°C


80% RH up to 31°C decreasing linearly to 50% RH at 40°C and above

Maximum altitude

3000 m

Electrical supply voltage

15 to 48 V DC nominal

Power consumption

2 W



open collector transistor

48V DC 100 mA