Aluminum LCPVEK valves are designed for vacuum applications which need a compact, simple, solenoid operation valve to control gas flow. These economical valves are ideal for a number of duties ranging from simple laboratory pump isolation to OEM vacuum system integration and design. Their versatility makes them effective both in vacuum pipelines and in chamber admittance applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Economical design
  • Electrical actuation
  • Low power requirements
  • Electronic boost power supply
  • Efficient magnetic design
  • Aluminum body with fluoroelastomer vacuum seals
  • 10-6 to 1000 mbar / 7.5 x 10-7 - 750 Torr operating range
  • Versatile 24 V option.
Technical data  
Valve actuation type Single acting, electrically opened, spring return
Molecular conductance 1.5 ls-1
Pressure range 1 x 10-6 - 1000 mbar
  7.5 x 10-7 - 750 Torr
Max pressure differential
1000 mbar / 750 Torr
Time to open 20 ms
Time to close 50 ms
Max cycle frequency 600 h-1
Leak rate < 1 x 10-6 mbar ls-1  
  < 7.5 x 10-7 Torr ls-1
Power consumption  
Open 72 W for 400ms/50-110 ms (a.c./d.c. supply)
Hold Typically 5W a.c./d.c. version and 7 W 230V a.c. version
Operating temperature range -10 to 55°C
LCPV16EK 900g/31oz
LCPV25EK 900g/31oz
Enclosure rating IP65
24V a.c./d.c. ±10%
110V ±10%
230V ±10%
Construction materials  
Body Aluminium, stainless steel, silver
Seals Fluoroelastomer