Features include compact size for easy installation, a linear output, and a replaceable sensor tube. The new gauges are compatible with all Edwards TIC instrument controllers and other active gauge controllers and displays. They are also CSA, C/US approved as well as fully RoHS compliant due to their lead-free construction.

Features and Benefits

  • Cable connections and gauge adjustment conveniently located, thereby minimizing the space envelope required for access
  • Sensor tube can be baked to 150 oC
  • Adjustable set-point for simple process control and interlocking
  • Remote calibration possible
  • CSA, C/US approved
  • Linear output - 1 volt per decade for easy interface with vacuum control systems
  • LED status indicator shows normal and fault conditions
  • Non standard flange fittings available on request.
Technical data  
Mass 85 g
Internal volume 5 cm3
Enclosure rating IP40
Measurement range  
(APG100-XM) Atmosphere to 10-3 mbar
Measurement range  
(APG100-XLC) Atmosphere to 10-4 mbar
Accuracy (APG100-XM) Typically +/- 15% at <100 mbar
Accuracy (APG100-XLC) Typically +/- 15% at <10 mbar
Maximum over-pressure 10 bar absolute
Operating temp range 5o to 60o C
Storage temp range -30o to 70 oC
Bake-out with no electronics 150 oC
Humidity 80% RH up to 31 oC decreasing linearly
  to 50% RH at 40 oC and above
Maximum altitude 3000 m
Filament temperature 100 oC above ambient
Electrical supply voltage 15 to 30 V d.c. nominal
  13.5 V d.c. minimum
  32 V d.c maximum
Power consumption 1 W
Output signal 0 to 10 V d.c. nominal
Set-point – open collector transistor  
  Rating 30 V d.c. 100 mA
  Range of set-point 1.8 to 9.2 V dc
  Fixed hysteresis 500 mV (1/2 decade)
  Level setting resolution 6 mV