The Wide Range Gauge (WRG) family offers the capability of single port pressure measurement in the range atmosphere to 10-9 mbar with a linear output. Its a compact solution, halving the space and connectivity hardware requirement, which can be all important in many applications. The WRG has many novel features, including a new patented striker, pushbutton calibration and set point controls and comprehensive diagnostics. The WRG is a cost-effective vacuum management solution when used either with a Edwards controller or directly integrated into the system controls.

Features and Benefits

  • Microprocessor signal processing gives seamless transition between Pirani and magnetron outputs as well as linear output (log pressure scale)
  • Automatic vacuum setting of Pirani gauge element
  • Single push button atmosphere setting
  • Easily programmed set point covering entire measuring range
  • Magnetron uses an advanced patented technique for highly reliable striking, even at high vacuum or in relatively contaminated conditions
  • Extended service intervals and gauge lifetime, through reduction of HT voltage after ignition and low discharge current
  • Ultra compact, featuring recessed electrical connector
  • Easy service; both Pirani and magnetron elements are individually replaceable
  • Comprehensive failure mode diagnostics facility
  • D-type version includes cable strain relief and enhanced ingress protection (IP44)


  • Any vacuum system where there is a need to measure pressure over a wide range. The WRG with an AGD represents a very simple and cost effective means of achieving this.
  • The linear output and equation make WRG’s an attractive option for industrial OEM’s where the gauge may be directly integrated into the process controller.
  • The WRG is suitable for a wide range of HV and UHV applications, however if your process will spend a significant amount of time between 5x10-4 and 5x10-3mbar then Edwards recommend using independent APG100 Pirani and AIM Penning gauges, as this will improve gauge reliability for your application.
Technical data  
Pressure range Atmosphere to 10-9 mbar/Torr
Accuracy * Typically ±15%-3mbar
Maximum over pressure 6 bar absolute (87 psia)
Power supply +14.5 to +36 V d.c.
Power consumption 2 W maximum
Output signal 1.8 to 10.2 V d.c.
Adjustments Atmosphere and setpoint
Set point Open collector transistor
Maximum voltage 40 V d.c.
Current 100 mA maximum
Temperature range  
Operating +5 to +60 oC
Storage 0 to +70 oC
Materials exposed to vacuum (Both NW and CF versions) Stainless steel (AISI 304, 316, 321, 347), Fluoroelastomer, soda lime glass, Tungsten, trace of Nickel and Nickel Iron
Internal volume 26 cm3
Weight 0.8 kg
External interface connector 8-way FCC68 / RJ45 Socket
Interface cables Use range of active gauge cables
Electromagnetic compatibility EN 61326 Industrial Location, Class B emissions
Enclosure rating IP40
Pin allocation **  
1. Power supply positive 5. Signal common
2. Power supply common 6. Set-point output
3. Gauge output 7. Atmosphere calibration
4. Gauge identification 8. Not connected

* Accuracy is reduced at the limits of the measuring range.