MPC 601 T ef, 230V 50/60Hz

Three stages chemically resistant diaphragm pumps.

Ecoflex diaphragm pumps are equipped with a state of the art vacuum control by controlling the pumping speed of the pumps. The vacuum is exactly adjusted to the needs. The vacuum processes run more effective and reproducible. The additional pressure reduction allows the distillation of gas mixtures almost automatically and without fractionated operation. The operation costs can be reduced by 80%. ecoflex diaphragm pumps guarantee a positive economical and ecological balance.

Chemically resistant ecoflex diaphragm pumps (MPC) are resistant to aggressive solvents and acidic vapors. The diaphragms and gas contacting parts consist of PTFE and PTFE Compounds. The pumping and connection heads are carbon fiber reinforced with electrical derivation ability to prevent an electrostatic charging.

Special characteristics:

  • three-stages chemically resistant diaphragm pumps
  • precisely regulated vacuum
  • process orientated pumping speed
  • automatic vacuum adjustment
  • accurate processes with distillation, drying etc.
  • optimal condensation due to constant vacuum
  • optimal product yield
  • low noise level
  • reduced wear and tear
  • long service intervals
  • reduced operating costs by reduced energy consumption
  • long life span
  • selection of different process cycles
  • menu-led programming via the display of the vacuum controller
  • operating over windows via PC (optional)
  • serial interface RS 232 for PC connection
  • storage of all program and measuring data
Technical data  
Pumping speed 50/60Hz (l/min) 81
Pumping speed 50/60 Hz (m3/h) 4,9
Ultimate total pressure DIN 28432 (mbar) <2
Motor power 370 W
Dimensions (W/D/H) (mm) 260/390/170
Weight (kg) 22,6