HV Series for Medical Work Areas

High efficient inlet vacuum filter used specifically for medical vacuum service


  • Compact design for space restrictions
  • Designed for the removal of liquids, solids, and sub-micron particles
  • Prevents damage to vacuum pumps and protects the work environment from harmful contaminates.
  • ULPA media is 99.9% efficient @0.2 microns
  • See-through bucket, high impact and shatter resistant, offers easy visual inspection
  • Brass valve and fittings for contaminated liquid release
  • Easy removable & serviceable sterilisable drain flask
  • Corrosive resistant cast aluminum head w/integrated baffle
  • "E.R." delta P Gauge - This "Easy Read" gauge provides color coordinated pressure drop readings.


  • Vacuum Pumps & Systems
  • Laboratory Industry
  • Hospital Vacuum Units
  • Medical gas distribution systems (Certified by independent testing)
Model Number Media Inlet Outlet Style Rated Flow Est Weight
HV-UL850/1-201C ULPA 2.00 2.00 BSPP 173 7.65
HV-UL850/1-251C ULPA 2.50 2.50 BSPP 173 7.20
HV-UL234/2-301C ULPA 3.00 3.00 BSPP 340 13.95
HV-UL234/2-401C ULPA 4.00 4.00 BSPP 340 12.15