Corrosion resistant STP1003C is a new turbomolecular pump for use in the most advanced of semiconductor applications. Edwards’s rotor technology gives class-leading performance for maximum process flexibility.

Features and Benefits

  • Advanced rotor technology  
    • Maximized process flexibility
    • Oil free
    • Low vibration
    • High reliability
    • Maintenance free
    • Harsh process compatible (C version)
    • Increased life
  • Advanced controller design  
    • Auto tuning
    • Self diagnostic functions
    • d.c. motor drive
    • Battery-free operation
  • Compact design  
    • Small footprint
    • Half rack controller


  • Plasma etch (chlorine, fluorine and bromine chemistries) for metal (aluminum), tungsten and dielectric (oxide) and polysilicon
  • Electron cyclotron resonance (ECR) etch
  • Film deposition CVD, PECVD, ECRCVD, MOCVD
  • Sputtering
  • Ion implantation source, beam line pumping end station
  • MBE
  • Diffusion
  • Photo resist stripping
  • Crystal/epitaxial growth
  • Wafer inspection
  • Load lock chambers
  • Scientific instruments: surface analysis, mass spectrometry, electron microscopy
  • High energy physics: beam lines, accelerators
  • Radioactive applications: fusion systems, cyclotrons
Technical data  
Inlet flange ISO200F
Outlet port KF40
Purge port KF10
Pumping Speed  
N2 1000 ls-1
H2 800 ls-1
Compression ratio  
N2 >108
H2 >105
Ultimate pressure with bake out heating (VG/ISO flange) 10-7 Pa (10-9 Torr)
Ultimate pressure with bake out heating (ICF flange) 10-8 Pa (10-10 Torr)
Max continuous outlet pressure 13 Pa (0.1 Torr)
Rated speed 35000 rpm
Starting time 6 min
Max inlet flange temp 120 °C
Input voltage 100 to 120 (± 10) V a.c. or
  to 240 (± 10) V a.c.
Power consumption at Start up 0.8 kVA
Pump weight 31 kg
Controller weight 9 kg