TIC Turbo Controller

A compact turbo controller with a large clear graphical display, an intuitive user interface and serial communications providing full remote control and data logging functions via a new Windows™ based PC program.

The controller automatically recognizes and supports one 24 V turbomolecular pump from the EXT/nEXT range.

Features and benefits

  • TIC automatically recognizes and controls one 24 V turbomolecular pump from either the nEXT, DX or EXDC ranges.
  • nEXT and DX turbos have full serial communication with TIC and may be both configured and report via TIC.
  • The optional external relay box enables mains backing pumps to be controlled and also provides interfaces for a turbo heater band, a backing line isolation valve and a logic bypass.
  • In most instances, TIC systems may be simply and quickly configured using the range of standard cables on offer, there is therefore no need for the customer to prepare loom assemblies or relay boxes and special interfaces.
Technical data  
Pump / TIC power 100 W / 200 W
EXT75DX Fast / Fast
nEXT 80W Slow / Slow
nEXT 160W Slow / Fast
Mains input  
Electrical supply 90 to 264 V a.c. 47 to 63 Hz
Power consumption (max) 215 VA
Peak inrush current 10.3 A @ 110 V a.c. / 23.0 A @ 230 V a.c.
Earth stud M4
Auxiliary terminals  
Air cooling fan 24 V d.c. 3 W max, ACX70, ACX75 & ACX250H
Vent valve 24 V d.c. 2 W max, TAV5 & TAV6
Electronics housing 110 mm high x 105 mm wide x 245 mm deep
Front panel 106 mm wide x 128 mm high
Weight 3,5 kg
Operating temp +0°C to +40°C
Storage temp -30°C to +70°C
Max ambient operating humidity 90% RH non-condensing at 40°C
Max operating altitude 3000 m
Electronic Design EN 61010-1
Electromagnetic Compatibility EN 61326 Industrial Location, Class B Emissions
Enclosure rating IP20