WaterVac 100-MS

The WaterVac 100 is an unique vacuum filtration system which can generate sufficient vacuum for filtration through built-in air/water pump and drain the waste liquid directly. Compared with traditional filtration equipment, WaterVac 100 doesn’t need additional suction flasks or bottles to collect the waste liquid which can help save much bench space to make it ideal for work in Laminar Flow Cabinet.


  • Save space - no need of suction flask and waste bottle saving much bench space
  • Save time - no need of taking time to empty waste bottle
  • Safety - no worry about waste liquid being sucked into pump
  • Versatile - replaceable funnel base design makes it compatible with variou kinds of filter holder
  • Easy operation - simply put on membrane on filter holder and push on/off button to start filtration easily


  • MF Techniqued for analyzing aqueous-based fluids for microbial contamination
  • Suspended Solid test for municipal, surface, ground and drinking water
  • General filtration which no need to collect filtrate


  • Max. vacuum: 540 mmHg
  • Max. flowrate (air): 2,2 LPM
  • Max. flowrate (clean water): 0,5 LPM
  • Weight: 1,16 kg
  • Power: DC 12V, 1,5A
  • Transformer: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Max. ambient temperature: 5-40°C
  • Dimension: 170 x 120 x 96 mm (L x W x H)