Inline 250

The Inline 250 uses two high capacity cartridges inline, which maximizes the use of cartridge reagent and boosts the capacity of Inline 250 by 150% compared to the M150.
The technology used in the Inline 250 has been proven to give the highest abatement performance of any dry technology for etch.
The high temperature treatment gives permanent gas destruction and removal of halogens, acid gases and other halide etch components. It safely treats toxic organochloride by-products frequently exhausted from etch tools.

Features and Benefits

  • Safest treatment by chemical reaction to stable inert salts
  • Widest range of gases treated, from halogens and acids to ClF3, NF3, C4F8, SF6 etc.
  • No desorption risks, unique to high temperature systems
  • No toxic wastes
  • 100% uptime with auto changeover
  • Continuous abatement even in power failure
  • Integral heated inlet piping (option)Low energy, low utility requirements
Technical data  
Inlet NW40
  4 alternative positions
Outlet NW40
  4 alternative positions
Cabinet Extract 160mm
  2-3 alternative postions
  500m3 / hr
Nitrogen Outlet 1/4" Swagelok ®
  4-5 bar gauge
Power Requirements  
Three phase supply 380 / 415 3ph 50Hz
  208v 60Hz
  200v 50 / 60Hz
Mechanical Data  
Mass 444kg