Stokes 1739

Each Stokes1700 series mechanical booster pump combination includes a Stokes Microvac backing pump and a belt driven, horizontal flow, high vacuum Stokes 6” series mechanical booster pump. In harsh applications where chemical or particulate contamination is present, process isolation boosters are available as an option. Controls for Stokes 1700 series mechanical booster pump combination include a pressure switch, motor starters, overloads, remote booster selection switch and lights for pump running and fault indication.

Features and Benefits

  • High capacity pumping combinations.
  • Proven oil sealed Microvac oil sealed piston pumps with high capacity direct drive 6” Stokes series mechanical booster pumps.
  • Flexible platform design.
  • Process isolation mechanical booster pump flexibility.
  • Harsh duty compatibility robust proven design.
  • Standard controls for the 1700 series high capacity mechanical booster pump combinations include a pressure switch, motor starters, overloads and lights for pump running and fault indication.
Technical data  
Booster displacement 4420 m3h-1 / 2600 ft3min-1
Booster 3600 rpm
Booster orientation Horizontal
Pump displacement 510 m3h-1 / 300 ft3min-1
Pressure switch required Yes
Normal cut-in pressure 13 mbar / 15 Torr
Continuous operation pressure limit 2.7 mbar / 2 Torr
Booster drive 22.4 kW / 30 hp
Pump drive (TEFC) 7.5 kW / 10 hp
Inlet connections 8 inch ASA/ANSI flange
Discharge connections 3 inch ASA/ANSI flange, 3 inch NPT
Water inlet/outlet connection ½ inch NPT
Recommended cooling flow @ 30ºC/85 ºF 7.6 lmin-1 / 2 galmin-1
Booster oil capacity (V lube H) 1.9 litre / 0.51 US gal
Microvac oil capacity (V lube F) 46 litre / 12 US gal
Inlet height 1067 mm / 42 inch
Footprint (L x W x H) 1905 x 1270 x 1318 mm
  75 x 50 x 51.89 inch
Weight 1803 kg / 3975 lbs