P3 handheld measuring system is the essential device for on-site service calls and on the spot flexible checking. Thanks to the easy use and integrated measurement data memory, pressures can be directly measured at different locations for monitoring the application. Owing to the advanced measuring range of the high-precision Piezo Pirani sensor, pressure measurement in the range of 1200 to 5x10-4 mbar can be displayed.

Features and benefits

  • Measurement range 1200 to 5x10-4 mbar (7 decades)
  • Usage in vacuum is possible
  • Data logging via USB interface or using the internal memory to store up to 2000 values which can then be exported to PC
  • Cordless power supply with standard 9 V battery or 12 V a.c. adapter in the accessory pack
  • Pressure unit selectable: mbar, Torr, and Pascal
  • Windows software for measuring data storage and PC analysis in the accessory pack

Typical applications

  • Mobile and fixed pressure measurement installations of all kind, including; service, maintenance, universities and laboratory applications
  • Food and packaging industry
  • Vacuum process quality assurance
  • Visualisation and documentation of vacuum pumps and systems
Technical data  
Measurement principle Piezo-resistive (gas type independent) and thermal conducance Pirani
Indicated units of measurement mbar, Torr, microns, Pa
Measurement range mbar 1200 to 5x10-4
Maximum overload (bar abs.) 2

Measurement accurancy

1200 - 10 mbar (900 to 75 Torr) %

10-2 x 10-3 mbar (7,5 to 1,5 x 10-3 Torr) approx. %

-3 mbar (<1,5 x 10-3 Torr)


±0,3 full-scale

10 of measured value

< factor 2 of measured value

Gas type correction factor Ar, Co2, He, CO, H2, N2, Kr
Materials in contact with the vacuum Stainless steel, gold, tungsten, nickel, glass, fluoroelastomer
Measurement cycle (s) 1,0
Data storing rate (s) 1 to 6000

Operating temperature

Sensor (°C)

Battery (°C)


+5 to +50

-20 to +45

Storage temperature

Sensor (°C)

Battery (°C)


-20 to +60

+10 to +25

Supply voltage

Rechargeable 9 V battery (recommendation: type Panasonic 6LR61PM, 9 V/500 mAh) or 12 - 15 V d.c. external adaptor (miniature jack, + terminal at the tip)

Power consumption

>200 mbar (>150 Torr) mW




Operating duration (h)



LCD 12 mm

Connection (stainless steel)


PC interface

Mini USB-B connector

Data type


Dimensions (mm)

60 x 120 x 61

Protection class IP


Weight (including battery) kg