IS16K Vacuum Interlock Switch


The IS16K vacuum interlock switch is designed to safeguard the operator by ensuring that electrical circuits in the vacuum chamber do not remain energised when the system is let up to atmosphere.

Features and benefits

  • Single non-adjustable set point - cannot be tampered with
  • High vacuum compatible - only stainless steel parts exposed to vacuum


  • Furnaces,
  • Laboratories,
  • Tank units,
  • Packaging,
  • General purpose pumping units.
Technical data  
Fixed set-point 640±120 mbar*
Max. switching differential 100 mbar
Max. working pressure 1 bar gauge (2 bar absolute)
Electrical rating 10 A resistive, 5 A inductive at 250 V a.c.
Electrical connection plug Type 283 mPm
Internal volume 7 cm3
Materials in vacuum Stainless steel
Leak rate <1 x 10-9 mbar ls-1
Enclosure classification IP52
Weight 0,7 kg
Vacuum connection NW16
Accessories supplied Mating electrical socket type 183 mPm

*Set point varies with barometric pressure