Vacuum Pump Controllers

Technical data  
Weight  1.5 (3.3) kg (lbs)
Shipping Weight  2.2 (5) kg (lbs)
Dimensions  82 x 110 x 288
 mm, l x w x d
Input Power  24 VDC converter: 110-240/50-60 volts/Hz
Output  +/- 3500-7000 programmable volts
Output  50 current (mA)
Power  40 Watts
Resolution  0.001 uA
Output Connectors  Single 10kW SHV or Fischer
Display Type  LCD
Analog Voltage Output  user configurable
Analog Current / Pressure Output  user configurable
Set Points  One Relay, One TTL
Humidity  0 to 80% RH, noncondensing
Temperature  0 to 40 deg C
Communications  Ethernet, RS232, RS422, RS485
Conformity to Norms  EN61000-6-1
 EN 61010-1