Piezo, 1600-1 mbar, DN16KF with G1/4 female thread, USB-interface


The versatile VD81 digital vacuum meter with data logger and USB interface measures absolute pressure in the rough vacuum range with a resistant Piezo sensor. Více 

Overview VD81 Piezo vacuum meter

  • Chemically resistant: Chemically resistant ceramic sensor with FKM sealing, suitable for rough industry environment
  • Robust: Insensitive against contamination
  • Fast: Adjustable min. logging rate of 50 ms for fast processes, e. g. for the area of vacuum packaging
  • Versatile: Gas-type independent measurement

Overview VD8 vacuum meters:

  • Variable: VD8 compact vacuum meters can be used as a portable instrument or for permanent installation in vacuum facilities. The gauges can be operated by a battery or a plugin power supply
  • Data logger: Integrated data logger for up to 2000 measurement values
  • Flexible connection: VD8 vacuum meters can be placed directly into a vacuum chamber, connected to an appliance with their flange or with a suitable adaptor
  • Min/Max memory function: Storage of minimum and maximum pressures achieved during measurement
  • Long battery livetime: Due to cycled measurements, the compact vacuum meter reaches a high battery lifetime; the user can choose between automatic switch off (time adjustable) for battery saving or continuous operation
  • Pressure units: mbar, Torr, hPa
  • Data export: USB interface for easy push button data transfer to PCs, but no PC connection is necessary during measurements
  • VacuGraphTM Windows Software: To visualize, analyze and save measurements on a PC (lite version free of charge)
Measurement principles Piezo
Gas dependency independent of gas type (Piezo)
Measurement range Torr 1200 – 1 Torr
Measuring range Torr 1200 - 1 Torr
Max, Overpressure resistance 4 bar abs.
Accuracy 0.3 f.s.
Resolution 1 mbar
Measurement rate 1.0 s (down to 0.05 s if logging rate is set accordingly)
Logging rate 50 ms … 6000 s
Materials in contact with vacuum Stainless steel, 1.4307, Al₂O₃, ceramic, FKM
Operating temperature +5…+50 °C
Storage temperature -20…+60 °C
Voltage supply 9 V battery or 12…15 VDC external
Operating time Li-battery
Serial interface Mini-USB, Type B, 5pin, female, Virtual Com Port protocol
Electrical connection Mini-jack 2.5 mm for plug-in power supply
Article Number (choice of vacuum connection) stainless steel small flange DN 16 ISO-KF with G1/4- female thread or screw-in hose nozzle (accessory VD81SW1)
Display LCD 12 mm
Dimensions 25 × 16 × 9 cm
Protection class IP40
Weight (kg) 0,2
Power consumption Approx. 2 mW (clocked)
Category Data logger, Vacuum meter