Silicone 702

Features and benefits

  • Silicone 702 fluid is a mixed phenylmethyl-dimethyl cyclosiloxane silicone fluid exhibiting extreme chemical, thermal, oxidation and radiation resistance.  This makes it suitable for use in diffusion vacuum pumps in production operations.


  • Silicone 702 is especially suitable for rapid pumping and cycling of high volume gas loads in such processes involving vacuum furnaces, metallurgy, vapour ejector pumps, electronics, vacuum coating, optical and decorative coating.
Technical data  
Typical ultimate vacuum achievable at 20°C (mbar) 8.0 x 10-8
Vapour pressure @ 25°C (Pa) 1 x 10-8
Boiling temperature at 1.3 mbar (°C) (approx) 178
Viscosity cSt @ 25°C 42 - 50
Pour point °C N/A
Flash point °C >193
Specific gravity at 25°C 1.06 to 1.07