Features and benefits

  • The fully integrated controller and power supply eliminates the need for cables and a separate controller rack, resulting in a cost effective, compact TMP package that is fast and easy to install in a small footprint.
  • Maximum continuous flow capability of 4300 sccm (N2), achieving a performance increase of more than 50%, when compared to STP-XA4503.
  • The pump will operate efficiently with cooling water supply up to 35 °C.
  • Temperature Management System (TMS) unit is available for processes generating by-products.
  • I/O Remote, RS232C, RS485, STP-Link are standard ports.
  • UL marked, CE marked, SEMI-S2 and RoHS compliant.
Technical data  
Outlet port flange KF40
Pumping speed N2/H2 (liters/second)  
VG300 3800/2700
ISO320F 4000/2700
VG350 4300/2700
VG400 4300/2700
Compression ratio N2/H2 >108 / 103
Ultimate pressure Pa (Torr)

10-7 (10-9)

Allowable backing pressure Pa (Torr) 266 (2)
Starting time 11 minutes
Mounting position Any orientation
Input voltage 200-240 V
VG300 109 kg
ISO320F 111 kg
VG350 104 kg
VG400 111 kg