The GV range of stainless steel bellows sealed gate valves are designed for applications requiring overall leak tightness and a minimum of hydrocarbon in the residual atmosphere. These superior quality valves offer high vacuum integrity coupled with maximum conductance.

Features and Benefits

  • In situ removal of gate and linkage mechanism for easy servicing
  • Virtual leaks eliminated due to vacuum brazed manufacture
  • Electropolished finish inside and outside
  • Compact design with high conductance
  • Manual actuation
  • Long periods of use between maintenance
  • Low vibration and shock
  • Free choice of orientation
Technical data  
Pressure range 10-9 mbar to 1 bar (absolute) / 8 x 10-10 - 750 Torr
Leak rate < 10- 9 mbar l s- 1 / 8 x 10-10 Torr l s- 1
Maximum differential pressure on the valve plate 1 bar / 750 Torr in either direction
Maximum differential pressure on the valve plate at opening 20 mbar / 15 Torr
Material of construction  
Body, valve plate AISI 304 stainless steel
Mechanism AISI 304 stainless steel,
Bearings Hardened high carbon chrome steel
Circlips SS PH 15-7 Mo
Bellows AM 350 stainless steel
Seals, valve plate Fluoroelastomer
Metal sealed valves OFHC
Other valves Fluoroelastomer
Bakeout temperature  
Valve body, valve open 150°C (fluoroelastomer bonnet seal)
Valve body, valve open 250°C (metal bonnet seal)
Valve closed 200°C
Actuator, pneumatic 100°C
Average life until first service* 100000 closures
Mounting position Any orientation
Flange bore 160 mm
  6 in
Conductance in high vacuum 6300 ls-1
Approx weight 23 kg

* Dependent on the vacuum environment and the opening and closing speed.