LV10K Leak Valve NW10 Flanges


The LV10K needle valve provides fine control of gas bleed into a vacuum chamber or a regulated leak to control pressure in a vacuum system and is suitable for gas admission down to 10- 5 mbar / 8 x 10-6 Torr. Suitable for pipeline or panel mounting.

Technical data  
Materials of construction  
Body Hliník HE30
Seat Mosaz BS2784 C2112
Needle Martensitic nerezová ocel EN56AM
Filter Mosaz BS249
Max. flow rate (approx) 0,1 ls-1
Max. inlet pressure 2000 mbar
Max. leak rate, across seat 10-7 mbar ls-1
Max. leak rate, across body 10-7 mbar ls-1
Vacuum connection NW10
Weight 138 g