Diffstak 250/2000P

The compact water-cooled Diffstak pumps with an integral cooled baffle offer exceptionally clean pumping with very low backstreaming, reduced outgassing, and a reduction in the number of elastomer seals required for installation.
Technical data  
Pumping speed  
nitrogen 2000 l s-1
hydrogen 3000 l s-1
Min backing pump displacement* 40 m3h-1
Recommended backing pump E2M40
Recommended fluid Santovac® 5
Fluid charge (dry) 500 ml
Inlet connection compatible with ISO250
Backing connection NW40
Cooling water connection 10 mm compression fittings
Heater power 2.25 kW
Min cooling-water flow at 20°C 180 l h-1
Pneumatic connections 6mm coupling x ¼ BSP male stud
Pneumatic actuating pressure  
Minimum 2.4bar / 35psi
Maximum 6.9bar / 100psi
250/2000M 59kg
250/2000P 60kg

* For maximum throughput
250/2000P only