The HT high throughput series is the pinnacle of our diffusion pump knowledge with technology aimed specifically at industrial users.

Features and Benefits

  • Highest throughput of comparative sized pumps
  • Earliest crossover pressure of similar sized pumps
  • Excellent maximum backing line pressure and tolerance to gas surges
  • Comparative pumping speed to similar sized pumps
  • Integral cold cap for best performance and low backstreaming
  • Self fractionating for low ultimate pressures
  • Easy change heater assembly


  • Vacuum metallurgy
  • Distillation, drying and degassing
  • Thin film coating and metallizing
  • Large-scale research
Technical data  
Comparative pumping speed 4650 ls-1
ISO pumping speed†  
Nitrogen 3000 ls-1
Helium 4650 ls-1
AVS pumping  
Nitrogen 3330 ls-1
Helium 5165 ls-1
Maximum throughput (nitrogen) 10 mbar ls-1
  7.5 Torr ls-1
Critical backing pressure (DC704EU) 1.1 mbar
  0.8 Torr
Minimum backing pump displacement for maximum throughput 60 m3h-1
  35 ft3min-1
Recommended backing pump‡ GV80, E2M80
Recommended fluid DC704
Fluid charge (dry) 1250 ml
  1.3 qt
Inlet/backing connection ANSI10/ANSI12 or EO12 inch/EO130 mm or ISO320/ISO63
Water connection 3/8 inch NPT female
Heater power 5.1 kW
  6.8 hp
Warm up time 30 min
Minimum cooling water flow at 25°C 400 l h-1
  1.8 US gal min-1
Pressure drop across cooling water supply 1 bar
  14.5 psi
Weight 80 kg
  176 lbs

† ISO speed and throughout data obtained with total pressure measurement. Partial pressure readings typically increase data by ~30%. ISO speed measurements are typically 10% less than AVS measurements for the same pump.
‡ These are given for guidance