SCU-800 Control Unit


The Edwards SCU800 turbo pump control unit is a fully digital controller, and has perfect compatibility for middle sized pumps. New AVR (Auto vibration reduction) technology achieves a further reduction in vibration levels, and the advanced pre-maintenance call function provides advanced notice of precise maintenance time.

The reliability focused design, enhanced communication function, and perfect compatibility bring significant back up units savings and contributes to a reduction in total C0O.

Features and Benefits

  • Universal Controller  
    • Single controller is used for middle sized pumps. No requirement for different controllers for each pump type
    • Service back up stocks will be reduced
  • Advanced Pre-maintenance Function  
    • AVR (Auto Vibration Reduction) minimizes the rotate system vibration during acceleration.
    • ABS (Auto Balancing System)
  • Highest Reliability  
    • Conforms to international safety standards
    • CE/UL/SEMI S2
  • Communication Port Standardized  
    • RS232/RS485 communication ports are fitted as standard
    • Dual communication ports enable simultaneous connection to remote control interface and Edwards fabworks monitoring system


  • STP603/1003 series
  • STPH301/H451 series
  • STPH803/H1303 series
  • STPA803C/A1303 series
  • STPA1603 series
Technical data  
Magnetic bearing control system Digital control
Input voltage 100 – 120 ±10 V a.c.
  200 – 240 ±10 V a.c.
Power consumption  
(without Temperature Management System, TMS) Max 850 VA
Power consumption (with TMS) Max 1200 VA
Input frequency 50/60 ±2 Hz
Leak current 3.5 mA
Main breaker rated current 10 A
Motor drive system 3-phase d.c.
Allowable ambient temperature 0 to 40 °C (32 to 104 °F)
Weight 8.5 kg
TMS control unit Built-in
Serial communication function (RS232/RS485) Standard
Panel display LCD