KF (QF) Adaptive Centering Rings

These centering rings are used for mating different size KF flanges and include both the centering ring and o-ring. The KF (QF) flange is used for through- or foreline vacuum plumbing and for simple HV chamber ports.

KF Adaptive Centering Rings Feature:

  • Rings available in stainless steel or aluminum
  • Stainless steel centering rings come with fluorocarbon o-rings
  • Aluminum centering rings come with Buna-N o-rings
  • Allows the mating of two different, but close, sized flanges
Flange Size Material Dim A Dim B
KF10-KF16 Aluminum 12,2 17,2
KF10-KF16 Stainless Steel 12,2 17,2
KF20-KF25 Aluminum 21,8 26,2
KF20-KF25 Stainless Steel 21,8 26,2
KF32-KF40 Aluminum 34,0 40,9
KF32-KF40 Stainless Steel 34,0 40,9


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