EXT75iDX Turbo Pump

The EXT75DX is a hybrid bearing compound turbo pump that combines the proven technology of a ceramic mechanical lower bearing, a dry permanent magnetic upper bearing and Holweck drag stage with the added convenience of an on-board 24V controller allowing parallel and serial communication compatible with our TAG and TIC controllers. It is available with either a DN40NW, ISO63, DN63CF or an ISO100 inlet flange with an N2 pumping speed of up to 66ls-1. A basic pump system would require an EXT75DX pump, a TAG or TIC controller, either an air or water cooling accessory and a suitable backing pump.

Features and Benefits

  • Compatible with TIC turbo and instrument controller
  • Multiple communication modes available including parallel mode, which allows traditional control signal interface and serial mode, which allows RS232 interface
  • Numerous user configurable parameters via RS232 interface including vent valve control settings, normal speed indication, stand-by running speed, programmable power settings, power consumption and pump temperature.
  • Enhanced monitoring capability including pump speed, power and temperature.
Technical data  
Inlet flange DN63ISO-K, DN63CF, DN40NW or DN100ISO-K
Pumping Speed  
  N2 ISO63/63CF (DN40NW)(ISO100) 61 ls-1 (42 ls-1) (66 ls-1)
  He ISO63/63CF (DN40NW)(ISO100) 57 ls-1  (49 ls-1) (59 ls-1)
  H2 ISO63/63CF (DN40NW)(ISO100) 53 ls-1  (48 ls-1) (54 ls-1)
Compression ratio  
  N2 >1 × 1011
  He 1 x 106
  H2 5 x 104
Ultimate Pressure (mbar)  
With RV backing pump ISO/CF -9/ 5 x 10-10
With diaphragm backing pump ISO/CF -8/ 5 x 10-9
Outlet flange DN16NW
Recommended backing pump* RV5/nXDS6i
Vent port 1/8 inch BSP
Purge port 1/8 inch BSP
Max continuous inlet pressure (light gas pumping)  
Water cooling (water at 15 °C, ambient temp at 40 °C) 2 × 10-2 mbar
Forced air cooled, 35 °C ambient 1 × 10-2 mbar
Pump rotational speed  
Nominal rotational speed 90000 rpm
Standby rotational speed Variable from 49500 to 90000 rpm
(63000 rpm default)
Programmable power limit settings Variable from 50-120W (80W default)
Start time to 90% speed 110 s ‡
Analogue outputs Rotational speed;
Power consumption; Pump temp; Controller temp
Cooling method# Forced air / water
Ambient air temperature for forced air cooling 5 - 35 °C
Min cooling water flow rate (water 15 °C) 15 l h-1
Water temp range 10 - 20 °C
Max inlet flange temp 100 °C
Operating attitude Vertical and upright, through to
Noise level at 1 metre  
Max magnetic field pump can tolerate 5 mT
Recommended controller TIC100 turbo and instrument controller
Quiescent electrical power 10 W

*  A smaller backing pump may be used depending on application. A suitable diaphragm pump with ultimate †  Above this inlet pressure, rotational speed drops to below nominal.
‡  Power limit set to 80 W.
# Air and water cooling accessories must be ordered separately