DM™ SprayShield System

The DM™ is a high quality, cost-effective blow-off solution for low to moderate-speed lines. DM™s are used for replacing small compressed air systems, Pre-Coding, Pre-Labeling and Cap/Crown drying and other blow-off applications.


  • Construction Material Options: Stainless Steel 304 or 316.  Complete interior access for easy installation and cleaning.
  • Configurations: Line Length 29.5"[750M] W: 12"[305mm]; H: 73"[1,854M]
  • Spray Containment
  • Self-Support Air Components (see Air Knives) includes JetSet™ Changeover System (fast rail-air knife adjustment).
  • Complete Solution: Integrated Mechanical and Electrical. Single unit bolts to existing conveyor.