Centrifugal process pumps according to ISO 2858/ISO 5199 norms


  • HC pumps are designed and manufactured according to ISO 5199 - ISO 2858 Norms and therefore suitable for process applications in the chemical industry as well as heavy duty general services in all the industrial fields.
  • Designed to operate at both 50 and 60 Hz, with temperatures ranging from -40°C to +350°C, these pumps grant extreme reliability, excellent interchangeability, easy access to inner components and minimum maintenance.
  • The casing is radially split, with end suction and top discharge nozzles; hydraulic axial thrust is balanced by means of back wear rings and balancing holes at the impeller's eye.
  • A wide choice of hydraulics is available to optimize pump selection at any design point, thus reducing the operating costs.
  • A sturdy and deep stuffing box allows to fit single or double, either conventional or catridge design mechanical seals.
  • Rotors are generously sized to work at rotating speeds up to 3600 rpm.
  • Bearings are oil lubricated: bearing brackets feature oil level gauge and constant level oiler as standard.
  • HC Pumps can be manufactured in any material combination depending on actual conditions of service and provide a series of construction features such as heating/cooling chambers on the pump casing and/or stuffing box and flanges rating according to DIN, ANSI or other applicable standards.
  • Semi-open impeller design (SO version) available in all HC sizes covers several applications in the food, chemical and steel industries wherever charged liquids or suspended solids are involved.
  • HC (pdf, 905KB)